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2014 IFBB North Americans

by John Hawley

Congratulations to the Florida ladies competing at IFBB North Americans! Well done!

Fitness - Julianne Trebing,

Women BB Open-Carrie Woolridge, Christy Donat-Germain, Kristine Mele, Carrie Woolridge

Women Physique- Tonya Griffin, Doris Shepherd, Nancy Espinal, Dany Garcia & Maria Flores

Bikini- Arlene Oliva, Iris Wiseman, Beth Transue, Cathleen Cornish, Maizee Demske, Melody Batule, Cristina Ortiz, Kayla Jindra, Janette Janero, Elisa Tavara, Dianet Pereda, Nicole Cornelius, Melissa Allen, Shandy Ortiz, Kathy Ellington, Brittney Milliken, Ishimine Johnson, Nicole Frew, Karen Kennedy, Shellie Andrews, Tammy Delgiacco, Nicole Frew, Ruth Edwards, Cheryl Bland

Figure- Vanessa Richard, Colleen McGuire, Karen Toakum, Yesica Orol, Amanda Fanelli, Zory Tolstov, Tana Valdas, Renee Barnhill-Mengel, Beth Harris, Denise Wortheim, Denise Hollloway, Linda Palonen, Erika Cajigas, Wanda Skeit, Devon Manny, Sarah Williams, Christine Baldridge, Melissa Norgart, Daisy Roman, Virginia Pons, Suzanne Ladouceur, Lizzette Blanco, Katherine Fratello, Deborah Judy, Michelle Leon, Dr Maureen O'Connell.

Thank you to Nellie Hawley for compiling names from competitors list.


Conducted photoshoots with IFBB Pros Michael Johnson & Michelle Mein, pro card winner Beth Transue & NPC competitors Tonya Griffin, Celena Carter, Christine Hronec, Rachel Quattelbaum, Georgina Fourzan and Suzzanne Willis Ladouceur. Also did contract assignments for AMI/Weider Flex Magazine, which included shooting Olympia prep video with IFBB Pro Fred Smalls, stage photo and video at IFBB North Americans for both Flex and Muscle and Fitness Hers.



India Paulino IFBB Pro interview with Florida's new IFBB Pro Dany Garcia who is also Dwayne The Rock Johnson's business manager no less. Team Rock was there at IFBB North Americans supporting her all the way and she's doing a Muscle & Fitness Hers photoshoot tomorrow as well! This girl is on fire! I edited in her entire routine and highlights from stage. Enjoy.
*Note: This was the second edit of the video. Leave it to me to screw up a video featuring a lady who manages a multi-billion dollar film & movie production enterprise while I do a great job with the rest of the little guys; oy vey.


Michelle Mein Ifbb Pro shoot sample. She looks like the show winner that she was and the Pittsburgh background ain't too shabby either

Michelle Mein Ifbb Pro shoot sample. She looks like the show winner that she was and the Pittsburgh background ain't too shabby either

Christine of MGN Nutrition Pittsburgh

Chains of habit are too light to be felt until they are too heavy to be broken. From shoot with Christine & Michelle in Pittsburgh last weekend.